The Equal Hearts Project

The Equal Hearts Project is an artistic work raising awareness for marriage equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex community.

The Equal Hearts Project is on going project and is available for exhibition for any events supporting marriage equality and the gay & lesbian community. If you would like to use the installation for a upcoming event please email the artist Fiona Hueston at for further information.


The Equal Hearts Project participants, Fair Day, Sydney, Australia, 2012. Photograph Fiona Hueston.

The project consists of thousands of handmade paper origami hearts, using the six colours associated with the gay pride rainbow, every heart contains a written or drawn message of support from the general public and significant community leaders for marriage equality, some of  The Equal Hearts Project hearts have been signed by the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore, MP Alex Greenwich, Prof. Kerryn Phelps & Jackie Stricker-Phelps. The hearts are strung onto fishing lines which then are attached to a pink rotary washing line to create the installation. If you would like to see the signed hearts and the participants please go to the Signed Hearts & Participants page.


The Equal Hearts Project Installation, photograph Kathy Luu, 2012.


Fiona Hueston TEHP copy

The Equal Hearts Project has recently been converted into a sculpture.

Photograph by Fiona Hueston, 2016.

Thanks for your interest and support in for The Equal Hearts Project and marriage equality.

If you would like to use the installation for a upcoming event please email the artist Fiona Hueston at for further information.

Fiona Hueston -The Artist


  1. the immortal fire

    why does it require 2000 of them? how many have been made so far?
    I am doing a challenge to fold an origami a day. After finding this blog I will make today’s origami a heart in support of this cause 😀 great Idea!! hope you attain all the hearts you need

  2. The Artist

    Looks great, I Tweeted it so everyone can see.

  3. Hi Fi! I attended the Brisbane rally- it was a really great day, very well supported. It is amazing to see how society has changed- particularly young gay women are happily holding hands in public and very open about their love for each other. Saw some great slogans too. Cant wait to see your installation!

    • The Artist

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you went to the rally and supported the cause, they can be great fun, excellent atmosphere, everyone is so friendly! I will definitely let you know when the exhibit will be on, and next time you’re in Sydney you too can fill out a heart!

  4. Veronica

    Love it! What a fantastic project to connect people. Coincidence or prescience? Which ever, your timing is impeccable. I’ve just come back from the US where President Obama announced his support for equal marriage rights two weeks back!

    • The Artist

      Thanks for the support, just need you to sign a heart so you too can be part of the installation! 🙂

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